5 Great Home Remedies for Neuropathy (That Help)

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Neuropathy is a serious situation, but like diabetes itself, it can be controlled and treated properly if you stay healthy, exercise, and eat right. These are the basic three home remedies for diabetic neuropathy. They also have secondary benefits in that if you eat well, you’ll probably supercharge your body’s own defense mechanisms and energy building powers. The first specific thing we’ll talk about is that you should go see your doctor before starting any sort of new exercise regimen or dietary plan. You’ll also need to see your doctor because the #1 situation in dealing with neuropathy is dealing with blood sugar levels. To get educated on that you’ll have to go to a doctor, and if needed your physicians will also set you up with an injection kit allowing for safe and healthy insulin levels in your own body.

Neuropathy can be controlled and treated properly if you stay healthy, exercise, and eat right.

So go get checked out, get educated on how to self-administer insulin or have someone do it for you, and get ready to change your life for the better. Here we can also tell you to check out The Neuropathy Solution (or read here a review) for more advice on how to control, manage, and minimize issues with neuropathy.

1) The first home remedy sounds extremely simple; walk it out. You’ll need to get moving to get any benefits to affect your legs, and even if it’s just for a few minutes a day the positive gains will start to occur. Walking and running increases the blood flow to the legs, which affects the nerves in positive ways. This flow and expansion of the blood vessels in the feet are like gas and oil to a car engine! Even just a short amount of time can soon be extended as you become healthier.

2) The second thing you’ll want to do is make sure to keep an eye out on your feet. You might not have the best reflexes and feelings down there at the moment, so it’s a really good idea to check things out down there both visually and with your hands. Give yourself a rub occasionally and also make sure to wear soft socks and comfortable shoes. It’s never a bad idea to see a podiatrist regularly to make sure everything is always in order. Another great idea is to take a bath. The warmer the water the better. Heat increases blood flow (see a pattern here?) which is something you want when you’re trying to regenerate and reinvigorate nerves in your feet and toes. What you shouldn’t do is drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol is basically poison, and in this case, it does another number on your feet because it also dehydrates you. We recommend cutting out all alcohol form your diet if you want to put a stop to nerve pain. It’s just a smart thing to do.

Give yourself a rub occasionally and also make sure to wear soft socks and comfortable shoes.

3) Another really good idea sounds simple, but sometimes can be very tough; make sure you get enough sleep! If you get eight hours a day, your giving your body eight hours to regenerate nerve endings and rehabilitate blood vessels. Just do the smart thing and get your rest! If you don’t lounge around in your bed all day (we know who you are) you’ll fall asleep sooner and easier if you use your bed just for sleeping. If you’re getting pain, whether before bed or during the day, you can try over-the-counter numbing cream or stronger ones from your doctor. There’s also this stuff called capsaicin cream that doesn’t numb your body; it actually does the opposite. Capsaicin cream burns and even sort of hurts at first, but it ‘wakes up’ your nerves and increases blood flow (that again!) so it’s a good idea to try out at home.

4) A lot of neuropathy sufferers have reported great results with rubbing ointments and oils. Not only does the rubbing action increase blood flow and make sure your feet aren’t getting injured, the oils themselves sometimes have restorative effects within their ingredients. Even things like lavender oil, which doesn’t really have any specific use towards the treatment of neuropathy, can help if it gets the patient rubbing their feet and their mind off the pain.

5) Finally, meditation and external factors like having someone there to help out can really push the healing process farther. This is because mental things often go hand in hand with physical ones, and if you feel good lots of times you’re also healthy as well! So don’t overlook the very important parts of keeping up with friends and family if it makes you happy, and read a book you like or see a movie you enjoy after your therapy and recovery sessions.

You too can recover from neuropathy!

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Rita Rewane

CommentThanks for the tips they are really inspiring. Im sufferring from chemotherapy induced peripheral Neuropathy which is really severe, Im wondering if I can achieve total cure stopping the chemo.

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