Can Alcoholic Neuropathy Be Reversed?

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Can Alcoholic Neuropathy be reversed? Well, it’s a tough situation. Most alcoholics have practiced their lifestyle for years, and even a time of a month or two abstaining from that chosen set of events is sometimes not enough to reverse all the effects. But if one really decides to change their life, a lot of improvements can be made. Even a full recovery is technically in the cards. Here in this article we’ll go through some of the symptoms and effects of this condition, and we’ll also talk about how these types of things actually can be mitigated or reversed. As always, you can check out more thoughts and ideas over at The Neuropathy Solution for guidance on how to get healthier. A solution is possible, and we can help.

The types of nerve damage that can occur through long-term diabetes, alcoholism, and neuropathy are tough things to tackle. A lot of people suffer pain, weakness, and even numbness in their extremities. However, to be honest, these types of processes can be reduced and even reversed through intense physical therapy, dietary changes, and the reversal of these negative behaviors that caused the problems in the first place. A lot of the reversal process also hinges on how deep and powerful the initial damage is. Lots of times, if the subject hasn’t been involved in destructive behaviors for very long, the situation can be reversed fairly quickly. Sadly, for many subjects, they’ve just been doing bad stuff for too long of a time period, and nerve cells that are actually dead can’t regenerate.

However, don’t give up hope, as nerve cells that aren’t all the way dead actually have the capacity to regenerate themselves somewhat. At the very minimum, one can experience significant improvement if one decides that it’s time to start working hard for change. The first solution is so simple to spell out, but is obviously extremely touch in practice. That is, the test subject must decide to stop drinking alcohol. This of course sometimes requires help of a third party, and we surely advise if you’re suffering from this disease to get help from a qualified doctor and a qualified behavioral therapist as soon as possible. Get help. We’re literally talking about your life here.

Basically, one will have to fully eliminate the intake of all alcohol for this to work. If you don’t decide to take this step, the disease will progress. If your nerves are having problems, the next thing that will happen is that the negative issues affecting the nerves will begin to affect the internal organs. It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that this is a bad thing, and it also means that the subject will start having problems with things like digestion and processing of food, basic ambulatory movement, and even things like urinary tract and sexual side effects will start to occur.

One of the things ‘’missing’’ in the bodies of people who drink lots of alcohol is vitamin B. This is because when the liver and kidneys process alcohol (which, after all, is basically a poison) they also remove vitamin B from the body as well. Many other nutrients sadly also get this treatment, so by drinking a lot, you rob your own body of a lot of things it needs, even if you’re eating proper and nutritious food. Speaking of food, that’s the next step in the program after the elimination of all alcohol. The move is to head towards eating wholly unprocessed foods, aka ‘raw foods.’ Your body needs the uncut, unprocessed nutrients form fruits and vegetables right now. Simple sugars and complex carbohydrates are the enemy. Anything that causes your body to go into ‘fat storage mode’ is something to be avoided; this means sugary things like sodas and candies are definitely out. Alcohol is basically a simple sugar made from grains that at the end of the day is not unlike a soda while in your bloodstream in some ways. It’s a super-good idea to immediately get your blood checked and for you to know your glucose levels in your bloodstream. Obviously, when you go to get this done, the doctors should be able to offer a lot of personalized tips on how to alleviate and attack the problems of low blood sugar.

Finally, there are medications available that can help you out, whether it’s over the-counter solutions like vitamins and creams, or prescription medicines that can affect the way your body processes foods. Again, see your doctor, and follow these rules, and we wish you luck! For more, see the articles on The Neuropathy Solution.

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I have been diagnosed with neuropathy which appeared the first week of May. I’ve had the EMG testing which supposedly confirmed it. My symptoms occur off and on during the day/night. What I feel is a quick 5-10 second numbing followed by about a minute of weakness starting from my heels and moving up my body. At no time is there any pain. I’m due for a follow-up appt with my neurologist. After reading about neuropathy symptoms (nerve pain) I am curious as to my diagnosis.

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