How Only 10 Minute Meditation in a Day Is Helpful to Boost Your Energy

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Summary: Meditation has been in practice for ages. Seers have practiced it for attaining spirituality while avid practitioners perform it for dhayana. But, meditation has also been a source of vitality. With this blog, let’s learn how.

We are living a sedentary lifestyle happily. But, sitting in meditation for 10 minutes, it’s a task that most of us happily avoid. But, would you make your way towards meditation, if you get to know the wonders it offers? Read on and decide yourself.

 Meditation is a yogic technique of resting the mind and attaining a sense of consciousness, which is very different from the normal waking state. In meditation, a practitioner fathoms all levels of oneself to experience the highest level of consciousness within. Meditation is a science and when you practice that the mind becomes clear, relaxed, alert, and inwardly focused. Not only the mind experiences calmness, but meditation also evokes feelings of bliss, happiness, peace, and positive energy.

But anyone who tries to meditate undergoes obstacles because the mind is unsteady and unruly. That’s why most people are unable to feel the stillness. To realize the meditative goals, we learn how to meditate.

  1. A Comfortable Place: Firstly, for meditation select a place that is quiet and ventilated. To make your place spiritual, make use of incense candles, statue of Buddha, motivational quotes, and more.


  1. Meditative Posture: Easy Pose (Sukhasana), Lotus Pose (Padmasana) and Firelog Pose (Agnistambhasana) are the poses of meditation. Sit in these postures for meditation with your spine straight, and hands over the lap. Slowly, increase the time with time.


  1. Breathe & Breathe: While in the meditative posture, do not let go of the breathing. Keep breathing. The rhythm of breath shall take you to places where peace resides. Whenever you feel distracted turn towards breathing, and you shall find your focus.


  1. Do not Judge: The science of meditation teaches you the art of being non-judgmental. It is the practice of letting go what no longer serves you. Be it the thoughts, emotions, or feelings. In this manner, you learn to live in the present.

Meditation Exercises to Perform Daily


  1. Breath Awareness: A meditation that encourages mindful breathing. Practitioners sit in a seated meditative posture. Then, they are encouraged to take deep breaths and to maintain their focus on breathing. The goal of this meditation is to breathe deeply and to ignore whatever thought comes to your mind. Breath awareness meditation offers a wide range of benefits including, reduction in anxiety, improved concentration, and emotional flexibility. Also, it is one of the beginner-friendly meditations that most beginners swear by. If you desire to learn its technique, a yoga retreat in Thailand is ideal.


  1. Loving-Kindness Meditation: It is also known by the name of Metta meditation. The goal of this meditation is to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness towards oneself and others around. In this meditation, a mantra that encourages an attitude of loving-kindness is repeated to open the mind- soul, to feelings of compassion.


  1. Body-Scan Meditation: Body scan or progressive meditation or progressive relaxation technique allows people to scan their bodies for areas of tensions. The idea is not only to notice the tensions, but release them through deep breathing and experience profound relaxation in the end.

Perform these meditation exercises to boost physical, mental, and emotional energy.


  1. Meditation Transforms the Response to Stress: Experiencing exhaustion at all the levels at the end of the day is not a new phenomenon. And, a lot of reasons can be attributed to it. If you crave for natural and stable energy supply, meditate. Meditation reduces the level of cortisol in the brain, thus giving fuel to your energy levels.


  1. Meditation Is a Natural Energy Booster: More often than not, we rely on energy drinks, and coffee for the daily dose of energy. The problem with these solutions is that they are temporary. There are many physical exercises like walking, running are proven ways to up energy levels, but meditation is the natural energy booster and works on the brain, body in superior ways.


  1. Meditation Increases Brain Chemical Levels: For high energy levels, give a boost to these two critical chemicals– DHEA and GH. DHEA is a hormone associated with an overall sense of wellbeing. GH is the growth hormone critical for reducing fatigue and augmentation motivation.


  1. Meditation Alters Brain Areas: Meditation alters the key areas of the brain. Meditation upgrades the future region of the brain while deactivating the brain area of the past. This allows you to live with less anxiety, stress, and tension.


  1. Meditation Raises Levels of Serotonin: When fanatic thoughts and stress is experienced by the brain, the body is unable to heal and repair itself. Meditation increases the level of serotonin that uplifts the mood, speeds up the healing process, and rejuvenates, reenergizes the body more effectively.


  1. Meditation Activates Natural Healing Process: Meditation activates the body healing process as well as the release of feel-good hormones in the body, helping the body-mind to come into a state of balance. This provides the perfect space for quality sleep, better mood, and resulting in enhanced energy.

Are you still looking for more reasons to incorporate the science of meditation into your daily life for 10 minutes? How about the fact that it makes you high spirited?

BipinAuthor Bio: Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organize Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. Bipin Baloni conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas.

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