10 Great Websites for Healthy, Easy Cooking Recipes

Eating healthy is something that’s now trending. Different people are taking it up for a variety of reasons. Some people just want to lose a few pounds. Others do it for the health benefits- lower cholesterol and the like. Others yet eat healthy because they have conditions that demand it, especially with neuropathy.

Eating healthy is a good concept, but many people just can’t keep it up. Everything from the calorie counting to the time it takes to come up with the meals is intimidating to them. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of these ten great websites for healthy, easy meals, you can get into the healthy lifestyle in no time.

The Food Pyramid


  1. Delish.com

Delish.com is just one of those sights that make you want to go vegan just by looking at it. With a vast selection of recipes, the site allows you to prepare healthy delicious meals with a step to step guide. Delish.com also offers you meal plans so that whether you’re hosting a party or up for some fast lunches, you can save on time taken to decide on singular meals.

  1. Eatingwell.com

Now, this is a site for all people who want to go full out healthy. Unlike most other sites which have an ‘eat healthy’ tab, Eatingwell.com is completely dedicated to helping you with your diet plans. Find dieting resources like articles and calorie counting aids to help you come up with a simple, low-calorie meal that you’ll love. And if you are not sure where to start, just look at the ratings to see which are the most favorite meals so you can whip them up.

  1. Eatyourselfskinny.com

Just like its name suggests, eatyourselfskinny.com is a healthy food cooking website designed for those who want to shed some weight. The site is fun and funky and very easy to use. When you want to lose weight, you usually decide on a meal plan to follow. The site makes it convenient for you because all the recipes are organized in meal plans. Whether you want to go clean, or take up a low-carb diet or even do paleo, this site will help you cook your meals according to your diet plan.

  1. Cookinglight.com

Cookinglight.com is one cooking site that will you into the kitchen just by looking at it. The site consists of step by step recipe guides with pictures, so you don’t have to keep wondering what any step in the process means. For the calorie-conscious cookinglight.com has a counting guide that will help you keep track of your fiber and calorie intake. And the site will offer you variety with its vast collection of meal recipes to choose from.

  1. Myrecipes.com

Like eatingwell.com, this site is geared to help its users to lose weight. The site contains a lot of data on how you can combine your daily activities with your diets to reach your goals. The recipes are well organized and the instructions clear to follow so you won’t waste any time in the kitchen. Recipes on myrecipes.com are healthy but lose none of their flavor. And just for kickers, there’s also a calorie counting guide to help you with the weight loss.

  1. Foodnetwork.com

Would you love to cook to the instructions of a chef? Or do you prefer watching recipe videos to the dry, detailed transcripts? If yes, then you need to try foodnetwork.com. The site has a wide array of recipes which you can search for by course or ingredients. You could also search by the meal you plan on cooking. No more worries about what you’re supposed to eat for dinner or which snacks are good for breakfast.

  1. BBCgoodfood.com

There’s nothing like a healthy food site with tips on how to save money. This site has specialty groups that help you search for recipes by detox strengths and calories to make your work easier. Healthy food diaries will help you keep track of your calories while the ‘popular foods’ category will make meal selection an easy affair. Finally, compare your recipes with others and indulge in healthy eating events by using the site’s healthy cooking event calendar.

  1. Taste.com.au

Taste.com boasts of recipes for meals ‘for any occasion or time.’ Reviews on the site make it easier for you to settle on a recipe to use or if you’re into trends, you can always use the recipe of the day. Taste.com also helps with the waist-trimming by offering you decadent meals with fewer calories. Get through series of meals suitable for vegans, learn how to motivate your kids to eat healthily and thumb through soup collections that will make your guests appreciate you.

  1. Jamieoliver.com

If you are into healthy but hearty soups and stews, then you will like find jamieoliver.com. The site has nutritional data for each recipe so you can keep track of your calories. Have fun while doing your cooking through informative videos that will guide you every step of the way. Using Jamieoliver.com will also help you personalize your meals with tiny, spunky tips below each recipe you look up. Sort through recipes by date to find the newest ones and shop for your meal at the click of a button.

  1. Goodhousekeeping.com

Goodhousekeeping.com has to be one of the best healthy cooking sites you can ever find. Choose a recipe for your meal within not time by scrolling through the site. Goodhousekeeping.com shows you how long each meal takes to prepare so that you find it easier to choose one. And if you’re intent on finding the easiest meal to prepare, you can do that using the site’s ‘ease of cooking’ scale.

These sites are just a few of those that can help you get on the right track when it comes to fast cooking and healthy eating. Have fun trying out their recipes!

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