Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream

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If you have ever experienced back pain; you are not alone!  In fact the most recent estimates suggest that ten percent of the world’s population suffers from back pain of one form or another. It is also likely that approximately 70% of people will suffer from this type of pain during their life.

Back pain is deliberating; however the pain of diabetic neuropathy can be much worse! Whilst back pain is due to muscular aches; diabetic neuropathy is due to nerve damage; it can be tingly, burning or even stabbing.  It can last for a few minutes to days; or even never-ending.

Controlling the pain takes more than just standard painkillers; in fact there are a variety of ways in which you can control the pain (read also a review about a neuropathy cure).

Why Choose Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream?

There are many different makes of diabetic neuropathy foot cream available; although most of them perform the same job. You may wish to try several different ones before you select your preferred one.

A diabetic neuropathy foot cream will calm the pain in your foot; this is done through the use of a strong topically induced painkiller. This keeps the pain relief localized and allows it to be stronger than other pain relief options; without affecting your ability to complete other tasks.

There are also a number of other benefits to be had by using diabetic neuropathy foot cream:

  • Hydration

As with most foot creams, a diabetic neuropathy treatment is designed to moisturize and hydrate the skin on your feet. This can help to sooth the pain of dry skin and allows your skin cells to be fully hydrated.

As water is an exceptionally important part of the human body it is important to keep all cells fully hydrated; it has even been linked with cell growth and repair.

  • Smooths and Soothes

Your diabetic neuropathy foot cream will soothe the pain in your foot whilst reducing or even destroying any cracks in your skin. This is simply because it is so good at hydrating that the cracks caused by dry skin will disappear. This can reduce some of the ongoing pain and will definitely decrease your chances of getting an infection through damaged skin.

  • Combats all Pain

The right diabetic neuropathy foot cream will, virtually instantly, remove the pain you are experiencing from your neuropathy. Although the cream cannot heal your damaged skin by itself; it will assist by relieving the pain and allowing your body to focus on healing. It will also reduce the risk of further injury through damaged skin.

How to Obtain Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream

Despite being a very effective cream you do not need a prescription to get this ointment. There are several options regarding where to purchase this cream:

  1. Your local Chemist

This is not a product you will generally find on the shelf in your supermarket pharmacy. However, you should be able to locate one in your local chemists. The staff there will help you to choose the one most likely to ease your symptoms.

  1. Online

As with virtually any product you can now order it online and have it arrive in secrecy; if you wish. The advantage of online stores is that you can easily compare prices to find the one that best suits your budget.

  1. Medical professional

It is possible to be recommended a diabetic neuropathy foot cream by your medical professional. They may even provide you with a prescription to get some.

What makes the Cream so Effective?

In short, the ingredients! A diabetic neuropathy foot cream is specially formulated to ensure it provides pain relief first and then helps to heal any damaged skin. This can prevent future issues.

Important ingredients include:

  1. Vitamins B and D

These are known to be beneficial in helping the body heal cells, muscles, tissues and nerves. Although you can get vitamin D from sunlight and vitamin B from food it is not usually enough. The foot cream will apply a concentrated dose right where it is needed.

  1. Anti-Itch

Most diabetic foot creams have an anti-itching agent included in them. This will prevent you from making cracked or broken skin much worse by scratching. This is a surprisingly important factor; when the nerves in your feet are not working properly you will find that you can itch too much until the skin is raw or you draw blood. This dramatically increases the chance of infection and other issues. You should also find that the cream has anti-fungal properties to help protect your feet from fungal infections.

  1. Natural Painkillers

A good cream will use natural products, such as “apis mellifica”, which comes from honey bees; this reduces pain without interfering with any medication your doctor has prescribed. Diabetic neuropathy foot cream is designed to ease pain and reduce the risk of complications arising from infection. It is not a cure for nerve damage but it can make it easier to live with. This is the key to dealing with diabetic neuropathy; finding ways to live comfortably with the condition. Read more about Dr. Labrum’s cure: The Neuropathy Solution.

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