Neuropathy and Diabetes Specialist

Neuropathy Specialist

Is there a category of medical professional called “neuropathy specialist?” This question is becoming more common as people ask about the tingling, numbness and pain in their feet, hands, legs and arms. Neuropathy is a term used to describe a range of nerve problems. Medical research identifies three types of nerves; sensory, motor and autonomic. … Read more

What Causes Nerve Damage in Feet

What Causes Nerve Damage In Feet

There is no simple answer to the question: “What causes nerve damage in feet?” In fact, doctors and medical research show a long list of causes, from diabetes and injury to vitamin deficiency and toxins. As you work on the answer to your specific problem with nerve pain, tingling and numbness, you’ll have to focus … Read more

Types of Neuropathy

Types of Neuropathy

Neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy are serious issues that affect many diabetes sufferers in the USA and abroad. Here in this article we’ll go through some of the types of neuropathy, and what these types of nerve damages do to a body. We’ll talk about how these types of problems first arise, and even a little … Read more

Can Neuropathy Go Away?

Can Neuropathy Go Away

To answer the question in the title with the most direct and basic terms: No, if it’s chronic neuropathy. It’s possible to cure a few types of peripheral neuropathy, but the majority of cases can’t be treated and reversed in the traditional sense. You can improve your condition by dealing with the cause, and reduce … Read more