End your Neuropathy Pain today with the Internet’s #1 Neuropathy Solution. Dr. Labrum’s simple, proven, step-by-step self-treatment Program will help you free yourself of Neuropathy Pain completely & permanently without drugs, surgery, or guesswork. For peripheral neuropathy pain as a result of diabetes, chemotherapy, age, alcohol and drug use, and hypertension, by Dr. Labrum, a former neuropathy sufferer who successfully used this neuropathy solution to resolve his own neuropathy condition.

The doctor who developed The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution, Dr. Randall Labrum, applies more than his medical training and experience to this issue. When he says he knows “the feeling,” he is speaking from personal experience. In fact, he describes it as feeling like he was “walking barefoot through cactus.”

He also describes the agonizing pain and discomfort as feeling like stepping on hot coals of a campfire. Unfortunately, the doctor also found neuropathy pain got worse over time, as it usually does for most sufferers. He gradually become less positive about life in general and found himself being more withdrawn and “stressed out.”

I’d Do Anything

Finally, Dr. Labrum said to himself that he would do anything to get relief from the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. So he decided to pursue this “anything” and found a solution to a condition many medical professionals believe cannot be cured or treated successfully. Millions of people have gone through life believing they could only manage the symptoms, usually with strong prescription medications.

Dr. Labrum: “I would do anything to get relief from the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy”.

But this doctor believes the philosophy to be completely wrong. He calls his program of self-treatment “simple” and “proven.” He also extends a guarantee to those who try it and use it as it’s designed to be used. His evidence and claims include the fact that this works without regard to age, background, ethnicity or gender. He also states this program “effectively treats chronic peripheral neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain/discomfort in the feet, legs, hands and arms.

Better yet, he states the results may be permanent because the treatment corrects the pain at the source, restoring damaged nerve endings. In addition, he notes the program is “so simple anyone can do it.” Results can “often be felt immediately” no matter what the underlying cause of the neuropathy.

Start Here

Dr. Labrum insists that those who suffer from a neuropathic condition must do five things so they can begin to walk a positive path to recovery. You must:

  • Stop prescription medications

  • Stop using painkillers, antidepressants, anticonvulsants

  • Avoid surgery and other invasive procedures

  • Stay away from trial-and-error methods and guesswork

  • Avoid gimmicks and “far out” alternative treatments

Now, the doctor states, “I am thrilled to be able to confirm that I set out to find a solution to peripheral neuropathy and I succeeded.” The program involves specific items, applications, lifestyle changes and other “ingredients” to eliminate burning and stabbing pains, restore balance and ability to stand and walk, as well as restore normal function without the distraction of painful symptoms from neuropathy.

The program involves specific items, applications, lifestyle changes and other factors to eliminate pain.

How Much?

Of course, there’s always the question, “How much does it cost?” When you read through the lengthy description of the program you’ll come across the number $69.95, but that figure is crossed out. There’s a special price of $37.95 for a plan that includes:

  • Neuropathy Treatment Seminar

  • Ultimate Diabetes Formula

  • Personal Treatment Tracking Worksheet & Checklist

  • Ultimate Resource Suite for Self-Reliance & Emergency Preparedness

  • Field Guides for Medical Care, Dental Care, Disaster Preparedness, Long-Term Food Storage

  • Newsletter Subscription

  • Neuropathy Drug Secrets

This is all included for the limited-time and exclusive online price of $37.95.

What’s the real cost? While this question may seem to put a negative thought in your head, you should be aware that $37.95 is the actual cost in U.S. dollars. But Dr. Labrum explains the true cost of not using this program amounts to hundreds of dollars for future medical appointments, tests, medications, travel expenses, trial-and-error treatments, lost work time etc.

He is quite sure you’ll get relief and states that if you don’t experience a “satisfying reduction in your pain and discomfort” in a full 60 days, you won’t pay even the reduced amount. Plus, you keep the program and bonuses. If you’re looking for a program or treatment to end neuropathic pain and discomfort, the low price might be just the enticement you need. Not much to lose for a chance at relief.

The Neuropathy Solution

The Neuropathy Solution

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